Gable Contemporary specialises in high quality, established, contemporary and Modern British art. We offer, on a client-tailored basis, a wide variety of styles and genres: abstract, contemporary, expressionist, photorealist, landscape, still life, and figurative.  We are proactive in the acquisition of large, medium and small-sized portfolios of work from highly regarded artists of national and international standing. We invest for the long term in the profiles of these artists using tie-ups with selected galleries, and innovations and proactivity in social media and web-based marketing.

Gable Contemporary is based in Hertfordshire and the senior partner is Graham Blakesley. His background is in advertising and property investment and development. He has a first class degree in Art History and specialised in price escalation dynamics through modernism. He has collected art for over 35 years.

Interested collectors are welcome to view works of their choice at the gallery on a ‘by appointment’ basis. Please enquire for more details.

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