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Below are links to a selection of short films from 2015 in which Jake Attree openly discusses a number of issues in relation to his personal and professional background.

‘Drinking’. To view an intimate, moving and intense short film in which Jake openly discusses the issues surrounding his drinking prior to 1982, which threatened to ruin his artistic career and possibly his life, please click here:

‘New York and the Gloomy Day’. To view a short film of Jake talking about his time in New York, the renaissance and other artistic influences please click here:

‘Art, integrity, and the marketplace’. To view a short film of Jake discussing how an artist finds the balance between his or her artistic muse, their relationship with the gallerist and demand in the marketplace, please click here:

To view the complete 33 minute composite version of the three film shorts above, please click here:

‘Liverpool’. To view ‘Northern School’ author Peter Davies and artist Jake Attree talk about their perceptions and experience of the post-war Liverpool art scene, and how it compared to the burgeoning Manchester movement. To view please click here:

To view works in the gallery by Jake Attree please click here:

To view a selection of works on the wall of the gallery by Jake Attree please click here:

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