Jake Attree on drinking.

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This be the verse. Don’t read or share this for me: read it or share it for Jake Attree. He is a man who experiences, feels and believes in every painting he produces. He gives a piece of himself to every work he paints. He is a man who I have never heard speak anything other than positive words about the work of fellow artists. He is a man who has never compromised his artistic calling, his vision of the world, his need to paint, his aesthetic integrity and sense of authenticity. He has struggled with his demons, faced them and learned to live with them: his art wears the scars of those battles and those wounds are a testament to the enduring love for his wife and first love, Lindsay, as well as his obsessive self-administered healing process. I have met few artists who live and breath art and all it represents and all it should stand for as much as Jake Attree. A conversation with Jake is a dance through art history: littered with art historical references, quotes and anecdotes. In an art world too loaded with mediocre voices screaming to be heard, Jake Attree is quietly and modestly at work. For all the right reasons.

In the first of a trilogy of short films on Jake, he talks here with brutal honesty about his struggle with alcoholism which in my view is entwined with his calling to the avant-garde. He hasn’t drunk since 1982. His views on the art market, authenticity, integrity and his time in New York will follow as well as his musing on his influences: Rembrandt, Constable and Breugel, amongst others. Good luck Jake. This be the verse.


Jake Attree v2 (DRINKING)

This is “Jake Attree v2 (DRINKING)” by Graham Blakesley on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


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