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Richard Weisbrod and José Christopherson Film

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In the second of our series of short films to celebrate the publishing of ‘A Northern School Revisited’, Gable interviews Richard Weisbrod’s son Ronald, art historian Vicky Hau, and ‘A Northern School’ author Peter Davies about the life, love and work of these two artists, who have an important yet under-acknowledged position in the history of the region’s artistic heritage. Weisbrod and Christopherson were central figures in the post-war Manchester art movement and played a key role in promoting the Mid Day Studios with Margo Ingham and Ned Owens. With Weisbrod emanating from a wealthy Swiss manufacturing background and the couple’s charismatic presence and enthusiasm for inclusive entertaining, they became friends with Lowry, Major and other important figures on the scene in the 1950’s and 1960’s and enjoyed critical and commercial success both with Andras Kalman in Manchester and the Leger Gallery in London. The couple left England for Switzerland in the early 1970’s and retired to the fringes as the fallout from the failure of Weisbrod’s first marriage and pressures of expectation from the family textiles business continued to take their toll.

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