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‘In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.’ Desiderius Erasmus (1500).

In the curious world of art, where value is so arbitrarily applied and taste so subjectively created, we felt it would be useful to have access to information, opinion, and a balanced perspective on some of the key factors that have influenced the art industry over the centuries and still do today. Human nature looms large, for better and for worse. In this section we have listed articles that we have come across that we felt were of interest, dealing with all aspects of art and art history, as well as delving into contemporary issues, commercial considerations, and often debated subjects such as formalism, feminism in art, connoisseurship, and many other topics across the full spectrum of the field. This is not intended to lead the reader in any direction, and there is no advertising here, it is purely for interest and to aid the gaining of a more balanced and informed perspective from the views of recognised and respected writers over the years.

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We will be adding to this section on an ongoing basis. If you find any articles that you deem worthy of inclusion please send us a link for consideration.

Feminism and Femininity. Why are there historically so few recognised females by comparison to the pantheon of celebrated male artists? How have women and women artists been treated within our societies and why? Griselda Pollock offered this highly respected critique in 2003:

‘Female American artists and the Vietnam War’ by Graham Blakesley. This article investigates a number of responses from female American artists and political protagonists to the burgeoning 1960’s US involvement in the Vietnam War.  Female American artists and the Vietnam War

 Connoisseurship. Who can you trust in the art world? One of the best critiques of connoisseurship we’ve come across and a recommended read for any artist, art buyer, or dealer/gallerist who needs to brush up on their ethics. Written by David Freedberg: an insight not just into the art world, but into human nature and how we all make day to day judgements:

‘The evolution of C.R.W Nevinson’s vision of war’ by Graham Blakesley. This article assesses the psychological imperatives from Nevinson’s formative years and their consequent forging of his avant-garde demeanour as the first world war broke out and raged across Europe. The evolution of C.R.W Nevinson’s vision of war.


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