‘Art, integrity and the market.’ Jake Attree

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‘Art, integrity and the market.’ How does an artist find the balance between his or her artistic muse, their relationship with the gallerist and demand in the marketplace?

“There must not be a single link too loose through which can escape the emotion, the light, the truth.”
Paul Cezanne. 1896

“You can look at an Inuit carving or a great African sculpture and the drawing will be as powerful and as rigourous and as authentic as a sculpture by Michaelangelo or Giacometti: the language will be different but the authenticity and the truth will be the same.”
Jake Attree. 2015

Here, following on from the intense dissection of his early battle with alcoholism in our first film short, Jake Attree gives a typically erudite and candid insight into his need to adhere to the fundamental truth inherent in aesthetic authenticity and integrity.

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