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Ian Norris: New Works March 2013

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We’re just cataloguing our latest works received from Ian Norris. As mastered by Jake Attree to astonishing effect, Ian is experimenting with the introduction of abstraction within his new genre of urban landscapes, as well as his traditional ‘en plein air’ impressionist seascapes, which really sets him apart from the plethora of more representational artists emerging from the North.

The featured image is an evocative Oxford Rd, Manchester study from his series retracing the steps of Pierre Adolphe Valette (1876-1942) and which tells a greater story than is at first apparent. It shows Ian’s growing confidence in his progression into abstraction. Whilst a familiar enough subject matter, his heavy impasto application and distortion of linear and depth perspective,  as well as his introducing a sense of disturbance or unease, is reminiscent of the late 19th century Symbolism emerging out of the Impressionist movement that immediately pre-dated it. Both Van Gogh and Munch spring immediately to mind: this is Post-Impressionist Ian Norris in the emergence. We consider Ian to be one of the most exciting artists to emanate from the North in the post war era. It is a bold claim justified by his work. His authority of technique and application are self-evident and as his direction focuses it is an event to relish.

To view this and a selection to whet the appetite please visit our Ian Norris gallery by clicking on the link below and scrolling down:

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